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Sugar River Bank

Online Banking FAQs

Have an Online Banking question? The answer may be right here.

Online Banking Transfers; View Transactions

Q. How do I sign up for Online Banking?
A. There are two ways you may sign up for Online Banking:
  1. Click here to enroll online
  2. You may contact one of our Customer Service Representatives to receive the enrollment form.
Once we receive your completed form, a new Online Banking account will be created for you. A Welcome Packet will be mailed to you within a few business days.
Q. What types of Internet browsers can I use to access Online Banking?
A. The current and prior major release of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari on a rolling basis will be supported. Each time a new version is released, the new version will be updated and support will cease on the third-oldest major version. Older browsers can continue to be used but users may experience issues using certain features or be unable to access at all.
Q. What if I am not using one of the supported browsers?
A. You may experience issues with Online Banking or be denied access to the system. If this occurs, please download one of the browsers listed and attempt the action again.
Q. Can I use a Beta version of one of the supported browsers?
A. We do not recommend using a Beta version of any browser. When new versions of browsers are fully tested and deemed compatible with the Internet Banking, they will be updated on the supported browsers list.
Q. Can I use a Personal Financial Management system (such as Microsoft Money or Quicken) as my Internet browser?
A. Microsoft Money and Quicken allow users to connect to the Internet using a version of Internet Explorer that is built into their product. These browsers are referred to as Embedded Browsers; NetTeller does not support Embedded Browsers. These are ‘stripped-down’ versions of the actual browser, and as such, do not contain components and security features necessary to allow NetTeller to properly function. At this time, there are no plans to support Embedded Browsers and no fixes can be made, as the issues lie with the browser and not NetTeller.
Q. Can I use Online Banking if I only have a CD, Loan or Savings Account?
A. Yes. Online Banking is available free to all Sugar River Bank customers.
Q. Why am I locked out of my Online Banking?
A. Your online access becomes locked after three invalid login attempts. Using Auto Complete may also contribute to your access becoming locked. For more information regarding Auto Complete, please call Online Support at (603) 863-3000.
Q. If I am locked out, how do I get back in?
A. You may select the Password Self Reset Option if you have previously enabled this feature. Click “Reset Password” and follow the prompts; if you have not enabled this feature, please call Online Support at (603) 863-3000.
Q. What happens if I forget my User ID or Password?
A. If you lose/forget your User ID or Password, please call (603) 863-3000 and ask to speak to Online Banking Support or use the Password Self Reset feature.
Q. What is Password Self Reset?
A. Password Self Reset allows you to reset your password in the event you are locked out or cannot remember your current Password. See “User Guides” under the Online Banking Menu for full instructions on how to set this up.
Q. How do I activate or “enable” Password Self Reset?
A. In order to utilize this option you must fill in the Password Reset Question and Password Reset Answer fields prior to being locked out. You will find these fields in the “Personal Options” menu of NetTeller.
Q. Will Online Banking be available to me all the time?
A. It will be available virtually any time, day or night, 7 days a week, however there may be times when it is temporarily unavailable due to nightly processing updates, system maintenance or technical difficulties.
Q. If I have a question about Online Banking, whom should I call?
A. Contact Sugar River Bank (603) 863-3000 and ask to speak with Online Banking Support.

Bill Payment

Q. Whom can I pay through Online Bill Pay?
A. You can pay any company or individual in the United States
Q. Can I use Bill Pay if I live outside the U.S.?
A. Yes, but you cannot create payments to payees located outside the United States.
Q. How many payees may I have set up?
A. There is no limit to the amount of payees you can set up.
Q. What payment frequencies are available?
A. Weekly, bi-weekly, every 4 weeks, semi-monthly, monthly, every other month, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment frequencies are available.
Q. How far in advance should I set up a payment to ensure it is paid on time?
A. For an ELECTRONIC PAYMENT, allow 1 to 3 business days, excluding holidays, from when the payment is submitted. For a CHECK PAYMENT, allow 5 to 7 business days excluding holidays. 
Q. Can I postdate a single payment?
A. Yes. Just set the payment date for a valid future date. Remember that the payment will not be processed until the date selected.
Q. Can I postdate recurring payments?
A. Yes. If a monthly recurring payment is set up to be paid on the 15th and the current date is November 12th, a payment will be scheduled for the month of November and set up to process the 15th of every month until the end date; however, if the payment is set up to be paid on the 15th and the current date is November 16th, the first payment will occur December 15th.
Q. When will the money be taken out of my account?
A. For an ELECTRONIC PAYMENT, funds are debited the same day that the payment is sent. Check Payment funds are debited from the account when the check clears your account at the bank.
Q. What if I do not have enough money in my account?
A. A CHECK payment is handled in the same manner as a check written out of your checkbook against an insufficient balance. ELECTRONIC payments are verified for funds availability during processing. If the funds are available, the account that you selected for the payment will be debited and the information is sent for processing . If the funds are not available, the payment will not be processed and you will receive a message that the payment could not be sent due to insufficient funds. Each day for five business days, the payment will be resubmitted for you until either you delete the payment or funds are available to make the payment.
Q. Can I place a stop payment for a Bill-Pay check?
A. Yes. After the check is printed and mailed, the payment history will show the check number for that payment. The stop payment would be added in the same manner as a regular check written out of your checkbook. ELECTRONIC payments cannot be stopped. (Stop payment charges may apply)
Q. Can I get a copy of a cancelled check?
A. Yes. Click on the Check# under Ref/Check No on the Current Transactions screen. If the check cleared your account prior to the last statement date, please call Sugar River Bank at (603) 863-3000 and ask to speak with a Customer Service Representative.
Q. How long is the history retained in the View Payment History section?
A. Payment history for active and deleted payees is retained and viewable for 18 months.
Q. If I have questions about Bill Pay, whom should I call?
A. Contact Sugar River Bank at (603) 863-3000 and ask to speak with Online Banking Support

Online Banking Transfers; Viewing Transactions

Q. Between what accounts can I transfer?
A. You may transfer between all your designated deposit or loan accounts at Sugar River Bank. Some accounts may be excluded from transfers due to regulatory requirements, bank policy or loan agreement between the customer and the bank.
Q. How late in the day can I transfer funds so they will post to my account the same day?
A. Transfers made prior to 4:30PM Eastern Time, will post the same business day and will be reflected in the balance immediately for checking, savings and money market accounts. Transfers made after 4:30PM Eastern Time, will post the next business day and will appear as a memo post transaction once the bank's nightly processing is complete. Pending transfers can be viewed by clicking Pending on the Transfers page of your Online Banking account.
Q. When will my transfer take effect?
A. Transfers set up prior to 4:30PM Eastern Time are effective the same business day and:
  • will be reflected in the balance immediately for checking, savings and money market accounts.
  • will not be viewable on a loan account until the next business day.
Q. The transactions that are posted to my account on today’s date look different than previous transactions….what do all those terms and abbreviations mean?
  • Internet Debit or Internet Credit-Indicates a completed transfer to/from your account(s) that you set up via your Online Banking account.
  • PA or Pre-Auth-Your ATM/Debit card has been verified to your bank account for available funds when used at a merchant’s location.
  • VTXTLR-Is a transaction completed with a teller at one of our locations.
  • AW-Appears next to a transaction and the check # cannot be viewed-Indicates that a merchant has converted your paper check to an electronic transaction. The check number is shown, but you cannot view the check-as electronically converted checks are not returned to the bank.